Thai Peanut Slaw⁣

I love making a big bowl of this slaw to serve for lunch for the week. The best part, the longer it sits, the better it marinates and all the flavors really come to life.

Serves: 10 ⁣
Time: 15 min ⁣

Ingredients: ⁣
4oz Soba noodles, cooked per box instructions⁣
1/2 purple cabbage shredded ⁣
2 carrots, shredded into noodles (long ways) ⁣
8-10 brussel sprouts shredded ⁣
1 bunch scallions thinly sliced ⁣
Cilantro, mint, crushed peanuts for garnishing ⁣

1/2 cup creamy peanut butter ⁣
3 Tbs Tamarin soy sauce ⁣
3 Tbs seasoned rice vinegar ⁣
3 Tbs toasted sesame oil ⁣
2 Tbs honey ⁣(use maple syrup if Vegan)
1 Tbs sriracha ⁣
1 Tbs minced ginger ⁣
2 cloves garlic, minced⁣
Juice of 1/2 lime⁣

Directions: ⁣
1. Combine noodles, cabbage, sprouts, noodles, and scallions in a large bowl ⁣
2. In a glass liquid measuring cup combine all dressing ingredients and whisk til combined then pour over salad and toss til it is mixed together well ⁣

Serve and top with chopped mint, cilantro, and peanuts. Recipe adapted from @cookieandKate, check out their amazing blog for some awesome food 🎉⁣

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